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Gert Verheyen to feature at Euros for Red Devils: ‘He’s not doing well there’ – Football News

Gert Verheyen to feature at Euros for Red Devils: ‘He’s not doing well there’ – Football News

The Red Devils are now back in Belgium, and the dust seems to have settled a bit. There has been a lot of buzz around this issue in recent weeks. Gert Verheyen also had something to say about eliminating the Red Devils.

“The perception would have been different if De Bruyne had scored two minutes before the French did, so we always do a bit of scoreboard journalism,” Gert Verheyen analysed the Belgians’ tournament.

He continued in Sporza“But then you can make the same analysis about the level of play. The game plan is not like occupying the pitch. Waiting to lose the ball in your half is something that the big teams do, and the French do it too.”

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“I was particularly annoyed by what happened when I got the ball, and that’s where my disappointment lies. I thought it was strange when you have six at the back and four at the front and you split the whole pitch, and the ball doesn’t get to the four at the front any quicker.”

“And you can ask the national coach about that, he could have explained it after the game. The game and the tournament were over anyway. But he didn’t go beyond saying that they created space at the back of the required ones.” To use the defence, everything else was “normal football” for him shot

Not a good turn from Tedesco.

“Sorry, you really should have put more effort into that, so that the journalists would realize that there was something behind his decisions. He got a chance to show what was behind the preparation for such a match…”

“If you give such an answer, it is not a good transition. And you always say that you have to analyze first… You always see more the day after the match, that is true. But it is not a good transition. If that is your analysis.

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