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Gert Verhulst on 'K2 looking for K3': 'It was right with the boys...

Gert Verhulst on ‘K2 looking for K3’: ‘It was right with the boys…

Gert Verhulst: The vote is completely fair. © vtm

Until last week, there was still a chance for two boys, but on Saturday evening, the new K3 will be a girl. “With these guys, the picture just didn’t fit.”

Gert Verhulst removes all conspiracy theories from the table that there will be no intention of including a boy in the new K3. “The boys always got a fair chance, otherwise we wouldn’t go through the various stages for them for long. But when we brought Remy and Luca with Han and Marthy, it didn’t go well. Not for me, not for the jury, not for the audience. That has nothing to do with the fact They’re boys. The mix just wasn’t right, the magic was missing. Take Luca for example: this resulted with Marthe and Hanne being a very big singer with two small backing vocals. Sorry, and with all due respect, but that’s not K3. You could then argue that it’s You shouldn’t judge a person by their height, but the picture should be true in every aspect. Of all the registered, only less than 20 percent were boys. The chance that at the end of the day we would have more capable girls than competent boys was Much higher anyway.”

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What if the three Dutch racers stand a better chance because K3 is also a successful equalizer in the Netherlands? “It does not matter. The votes have always been fair and will remain so on Saturday evening. It is simple for me: the decision has not yet been made. As for Dutch or Flemish: K3 broke through in Holland when the three girls were Flemish. By the way, I hear from our northern neighbors That Flemish or Dutch is not a problem. So everything is open to the final and that makes it exciting.” (JDR)

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