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Gilles de Belde is totally ridiculous: 'Just stop it' |  Football 24

Gilles de Belde is totally ridiculous: ‘Just stop it’ | Football 24

Saturday, February 26, 2022 – 21:51 by the editorial board

Anderlecht plays in Den Driv against OHL. After 45 minutes of playing it’s still 0-0, but it swings well.

Both teams had tremendous chances. Anderlecht even scored a goal, but Vershatteren’s goal was not allowed. Al-Zarkazi kicked from the second line towards the goal. Goalkeeper Ranarsson pushed the ball to Vercharin’s feet and kicked the rebound.

However, at the time of Zirkzee’s kick, Anderlecht’s Goldcrest was offside. Gil de Belde is a suspended service and didn’t think it was offside because Verchatteren was in place when Ronarson pushed the ball wide.

However, the rule is that the moment the kick is taken must be considered. Until the moment of the staircase of Zarzi. Everyone on Twitter also thinks De Bilde should know this. It is treated harshly by viewers.

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