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Gladiator II Trailer: The Epic Battle Scene Returns!

Gladiator II Trailer: The Epic Battle Scene Returns!

With a worldwide gross of around $461 million. The wrestler One of the three most successful films of 2000. Other top films of the time were Mission: Impossible II ($546 million) and forsaken ($430 million). Director Ridley Scott hopes to at least match this success with the second part of Gladiator II.

After yesterday’s first poster and last week’s images, it’s time for the trailer. The footage was just released by Paramount Pictures. By the way, the costs The second wrestler At least twice as much as the first film. The production budget is estimated at a staggering $250-310 million. The first part cost $103 million.

New stars
In addition to Hollywood alumni Connie Nielsen and Denzel Washington, Scott has worked with two of today’s biggest names. Paul Mescal, a talent of the moment, and Pedro Pascal, who can be seen in almost every major movie and TV series, should pull the wagon as the main wrestlers.

Mescal plays Lucius Verus, the son of Lucilla (Nielsen), who has been missing for fifteen years and then suddenly reappears as a gladiator. In the first film, the role was played by Spencer Treat Clark (Unbreakable, Animal Kingdom). Pascal plays Marcus Acacius, a former general sentenced to fight in the gladiatorial arena.

First trailer
Paramount has now released the first trailer for the film online, which will be released in Dutch cinemas on November 14. View the images below.

You can find the first movie at: NetflixYou still have some time to watch this (again).

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