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Goedele Devroy takes the torch from Linda De Win

Goedele Devroy takes the torch from Linda De Win

Wetstraat journalist Goedele Devroy will go from September 23 Politics Villa Present. “I hope to be a successor to Linda De Win,” she says.

“Soon I will have the great honor of succeeding Linda De Wine,” said Gwedel Defroy. the seventh day. She doesn’t want to call herself a “pit bull,” but intends to “ask the right questions and make sure they get clear answers.” Defroy has been a journalist on the wet street for years, but he’s got an award fabric-Report. As a result, she no longer engages in political reporting day in and day out. She admits, “I missed it.” “I’m excited to be back at Rue de la Loi again.”

Fourteen years after being a face Politics Villa Went It’s nice to win this summer With a new reluctance to retire. It had already been decided that Defroy would succeed her, but that was only announced on Sunday. Goedele Devroy has been a part of the political editorial team at VRT NWS since 2004. She has been working as a journalist at VRT since 1995. At that time, she started working as a local editor and later also worked as a foreign journalist. She studied Germanic languages ​​and remained affiliated with the University of Leuven until 1995 as an assistant in linguistics. This year she won a Belfius Press Award for her Pano report “Waiting for care,” in which she investigated the painful problem of waiting for informal caregivers.

This issue is close to Goedele Devroy’s heart. Her son Quentin has a defect in chromosome 11 and is therefore unable to live independently. about it Witness them in the newspapers several times. “I’m a caregiver,” Defroy said. the seventh day When I asked Lisbeth Embo, after discussing pension, if she would like to continue working until she is 67. My son has a serious mental disability, and combining that with a full-time job isn’t easy. I can’t see myself doing that until I’m 67.

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Politics Villa It started in January 2002 as a newspaper magazine with Annemie Nijs, which was succeeded by Kathleen Cools in 2004. Since 2006, Villa Politica has followed live discussions at the Wetstraat with Guy Janssens. In 2007 Linda De Win took over the presentation. The show has won international awards for its live coverage of the fall of the Leterme I government. The format of the show has not been tampered with. Defroy will also interview politicians in Parliament and will be assisted by experts.

From September 23 political villa Every Wednesday from 2.20pm on the Een of the Flemish Parliament and every Thursday at 2.45pm from the Federal Parliament.