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Gold for Canadian ice hockey players, silver for the United States

The Canadian ice hockey players won the gold medal in the final against the United States on Thursday morning. Canada was 3-2 as strong as the American team, the Olympic champion four years ago.

In the first period, the Canadian women took a 2-0 lead almost 8 minutes after the goals of Sarah Nurse and 15 minutes later by Mary-Philippe Paul. In the second period, Pauline tied 3-0. Seven minutes later, in the 37th minute, Hillary Knight scored the first American goal. Amanda Gessel’s last minute of the third period was not enough to prevent an American goal defeat.

With this victory the Canadian ice hockey players recaptured the Olympic gold. Since women’s ice hockey became part of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Canada has won all but two gold medals. Canada won silver at the 1998 Games in Nagano, Japan and the 2018 Games in Pyongyang, South Korea. In those years gold went to the United States.

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