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Good news for fans of La Casa de Papel

Good news for fans of La Casa de Papel

The end of the La Casa de Papel series is fast approaching now that filming for Season 5 is complete.

Filming the fifth season of Stealing money It has been completed. Netflix announced that news today, complete with a new behind-the-scenes picture of the main characters.
Stealing money Soon the fifth season is over. Fortunately, before it’s over, we can once again enjoy Professor, Tokyo, Helsinki, Denver, Rio, Berlin, Stockholm and Lisbon.

Last season
Netflix writes in the message: “What started as a robbery ended up as a family”. They also thanked the fans: “We can’t wait to show you how this story ends.”

a series Stealing money The events of the film revolve around a group of thieves led by the professor. In the first and second parts, they take people hostage at the Spanish Mint, while the criminal mastermind manipulates the police to make their plan work.

In the third and fourth parts, lives are at stake and the professor’s plan is questioned. The crew must fend off the enemies, both inside and outside the Spanish bank.

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