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Google confirms Pixel 6 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues, and a fix is ​​on the way

Google confirms Pixel 6 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues, and a fix is ​​on the way

Google has confirmed that both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are having issues with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. After the February update, several users have already reported an issue with Wi-Fi connection that keeps dropping. In addition, many users also reported that Bluetooth and mobile network signals sometimes drop suddenly. Google promises to come up with a solution.

factory settings

at This article We have already discussed that many Pixel 6 users have indicated in recent weeks that after installing the February update, the Google Pixel 6 (Pro) Wi-Fi connection will be turned off automatically after a while. It has also been reported that turning on Wi-Fi turns off Bluetooth. according to Android Police At the time, many people knocked on Google’s door and asked if there was a solution, or if there was a solution. These users were then told to do a factory reset on their smartphone and the issues will likely be resolved after that. However, according to users, this did not help, the problems persisted.

The solution is coming

at In response to the official PixelCommunity Reddit account Google confirmed that it fixed the problem. They reported: “Thank you very much for reporting this issue, and we are sorry that you are having it. After some investigation, we have identified the root cause and determined that it affects a very small number of devices. Of course, we understand that this is a bad experience and immediately developed a software fix Which will be available in the upcoming Google Pixel update, which will be rolling out in March.If you want to explore other options in the meantime, please contact our support team, who are ready to help you

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In short, Google confirms that a small number of Pixel 6 phones, judging by their small number, suffer from low Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. A software update next month should contain a fix that should fix the problem. According to Google, Pixel 6 (Pro) users will have to wait a few weeks for a solution.

Does Google Pixel 6 (Pro) also have these problems? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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