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Google is experimenting with search answers generated by artificial intelligence

Google is experimenting with search answers generated by artificial intelligence

After testing in the US last year, Google is now testing a version of its search engine that delivers AI-generated answers in other countries, including the UK. The European Union will have to wait some time for this to happen.

The tested feature, Generative Search Experience (SGE), is only available to some users. When they perform a search above regular Google answers, they will also see answers generated with the help of artificial intelligence. This will only happen for a number of specific questions that research has shown the AI ​​approach works on. The example shown is the question “How can I remove stains from painted walls?” It is possible to ask more questions about the answers afterwards.

Anyone who wants to use SGE must enable this option in Google Labs in their Chrome browser. Last year, the company actually tested SGE on US Google Labs users. Although the Financial Times indicated that Google is considering offering some advanced AI search features within the subscription plan, the company denies that it wants to charge fees for services, or that it is even working on ad-free search experiences.

Focus on accuracy

Some publishers protest that long, AI-generated answers would prevent users from visiting their websites, but Google refutes that as well. Speaking to the BBC, Hema Budaraju, the project manager, said that search results will still contain links and advertisements. Users can also click on more links using this new method compared to the traditional search system. Budaraju also promised that the company will do everything it can to avoid the emergence of classic AI-related problems, such as racial bias or harmful or incorrect information. “The emphasis will be on accuracy.”

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At the moment, SGE is not yet available in EU countries. The company did not explain why this happened, but legislation such as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) are likely to cause hurdles. Microsoft has long integrated its AI tool Copilot and made it available in Google rival Bing.