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Google launches a feature to track the origins of images

Google has added a feature that allows you to trace the origin of an image. The feature is now available in the English version of Google. He did not say when it will be available for other language versions.

Using an image on Google, it is now possible to use the About this image button, The technology company said. The search engine then detects when the photo was first posted and then tells you how old it is. Web pages where the image is used are also linked, just as is currently possible when users search for an image on Google.

If the creators or publishers of the image have added metadata, it will also be displayed on the About this image page. If a person indicates that the image was generated by artificial intelligence, Google will classify the image as such. According to the tech giant, this feature is not only useful for knowing if a photo is real, but also for knowing if it is being used in the right context.

In addition to this feature, Google is releasing an update to Fact checking tool Which allows journalists, among others, to quickly verify the authenticity of images. Users can paste the image URL into the tool, which will check if it has already been used in the previous validation process. This feature is currently available in beta version. It is still unclear when it will become generally available. Finally, Google announced that it is working on a program that uses artificial intelligence to generate descriptions for smaller websites. These should help users quickly see if an unknown source is trustworthy. Google writes that this feature has only been in development for a short time.

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