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Google officially ties Stadia console and Chromecast to $100 deal

Google officially ties Stadia console and Chromecast to $100 deal

Google recently sold out the Stadia Controller bundle and Chromecast 2020 bundle as a promotion for a limited time. But as i saw it 9to5GoogleNow the couple’s company has created a permanent package they call the “Play and Watch” package.

For $99.99, you get a console and a streaming dongle. This is a $19 savings compared to buying both products separately. Google is also promoting the Chromecast Ethernet Adapter as a recommended accessory; If you want the best Stadia experience ever, it’s probably a smart buy—and it’s just $9.99 ($10 off) when you buy it with the bundle.

In an effort to remove the old Chromecast Ultra stock as a disc, Google is offering this discount Stadia 1st Edition Package Back to $79.99. I would definitely recommend the newer Chromecast with Google TV on the older device. A richer and more expansive streaming experience on the latest device. But if you’re strictly using it as a gateway to Stadia, the $79.99 deal might be worth it.

Remember that Google’s game streaming service Now supports select Android TV products too. So if you have a TV running this software, all you need is a Google controller or a compatible third-party Bluetooth gamepad to get started.

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