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Google Play Store now lets you download two apps at once

Google Play Store now lets you download two apps at once

From now on you can download two applications at the same time from the Google Play Store. Previously, you had to wait until the first was finished before the second could start. This is especially useful if you have a new smartphone or have installed several applications at the same time.

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Download two apps at once from Google Play Store

When you buy a new smartphone, you have to install a lot of applications. Even if you more or less backup your old device, it will take some time before all your software is back on your device. This is partly due to limitations in the Google Play Store. Allows you to download only one app at a time. Only when it has been installed properly, move on to the next program.

This is finally changing. 9to5Google I discovered that you can now download two apps at once from the Play Store. This has already been tried in the past, but now it appears that it has already been introduced. This is of course good news for those who are setting up their new smartphones or simply downloading a lot of apps.

Google will likely roll out this change gradually, because we can do it in the editorial office Planet robot Don't reproduce yet. That's why you see screenshots from 9to5Google above. We assume that within a week you will be able to download two apps from the Play Store anywhere in the world.

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Application updates still need to be done one by one

Currently, this new policy only applies to apps you recently download to your smartphone. Application updates are still being processed one by one. On the one hand, this is unfortunate, since you're updating apps more often than installing them. On the other hand, the update often happens in the background, so you hardly notice it.

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