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Google Play Store reviews will soon be available locally and by device

Google Play Store reviews will soon be available locally and by device

Google will be updating Play Store reviews soon, making this section of the App Store even more useful. This way you only see local reviews, sorted by device type or operating system.

Read on after the announcement.

Google Play Store Reviews: Update is coming

Via a blog post from google browser The search giant tells all about the upcoming plans for reviews in the Play Store. Currently, the review numbers are based on users from all over the world, but that will change. This ensures that reviews become more specific and therefore more relevant.

If users in Japan now encounter an annoying error and therefore leave negative comments, the revision number will now be adjusted as well for users in the Netherlands, for example. In addition, not every application in every country offers the same functionality, which may be due to differences in legislation. These are the things that Google wants to pull out with the upcoming update.

Reviews for each apparaattype

Google also works with device types and separate reviews. Now all user experiences of a particular app are grouped together. Currently, it does not matter whether you are using a smartphone or tablet.

For example, experiencing the same app on a large tablet screen can be different from experiencing a smaller phone screen. The above also applies to devices like Chromebooks (Chrome OS), foldable screen devices, and wearables. Wear OS or specific applications for Android Auto.

Changes from November 2021

Google has announced that it will be rolling out the first changes to the Play Store from November 2021. From that moment on, ratings for each country will be shown in the App Store and not everything will be collected anymore. From the beginning of 2022, only the manufacturer will begin to distribute reviews based on the type of device.

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If this new regional review number deviates too much from the current number, Google will let developers know ahead of time. This way, they can still work and release upcoming updates earlier or later. – Discover the power of Androidâ„¢

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