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Google reported an error completing a Google Play Gift Card transaction

New updates have been added at the bottom of this story…….

The original story (published on June 17, 2021) is as follows:

Google Play Store is the primary source of apps for many Android users as it is pre-installed on all Android devices. Well, except, of course, Huawei – and devices sold in China.

As a result, many app developers are turning to Google in-app payment solutions to monetize their apps. This is because it is more intuitive for the user and makes developers less anxious.

Google Play Gift Cards provide users with a way to pay for apps and games in the Google Play Store instead of linking their credit cards to Google Pay.

However, there seems to be an issue with these gift cards, at least according to users on the community forums. Now reports indicate that some Google Play users are unable to complete the gift card transaction.

When I try to buy diamonds in the game, I get the following Google Play error: Your transaction could not be completed, the gift card can only be used in the country where it was purchased. See the gift card terms of service.

Affected users have reported that when redeeming gift cards, Google Play shows an error and informs users that the cards can only be used in regions that were purchased.

This, according to these affected users, even after making the same transactions in the same region before with cards purchased in the same region, makes this problem even weirder.

I encounter the same issue every time I try to make an in-game purchase. Which I have been doing on this account for over a year without any incidents.

This issue was brought to Google’s attention and in response a product expert was observed telling affected users that the issue had been redirected to the relevant teams at Google.

Submit to Google

Actually Ahmed, there have been many similar reports in the past day. Thanks for sharing your experience with this issue. You forwarded your notifications to Google. If I have any information or updates, I’ll let you know here.

However, it remains to be seen what happens to the problem while Google continues to look into it. We will continue to monitor and update this as we get more information.

Update 1 (June 21)

A product expert has now found the following information from Google:

Google has the following information to share:

Under the new Google user policy, users cannot complete transactions or redeem gift cards purchased outside their country or region of residence. More information can be found in the Play Gift Card Terms of Service.

Update 2 (25 June)

The user sharing our site has now discovered an alternative solution that appears to solve the problem. All you have to do is install a VPN, then use the VPN and connect to the US (or the country where you purchased the gift card).

Clear your Google Play Store storage and then you should be able to use your Google Play balance. Here is the video showing the same thing:

As an additional step, depending on the VPN, you may need to remove your Google account before clearing the storage and add it again after clearing it.

Update 3 (26 June)

If you can’t solve the problem via VPN, you may want to consider rooting your phone to fix the error. Someone shared a step-by-step guide on YouTube for you to check out.

Update 4 (28 June)

Another possible solution is to delete the existing payments profile and create a new one by choosing a supported country. Here Create a new payments profile.

Update 5 (29 June)

The incoming is shared by the user The solution I can help.

I have a solution for those who can’t redeem their gift cards
This method is not for those who have already redeemed the cards and the money is now in the game balance
1) Create a new Google account on the device where you need to purchase an app or make an app purchase
2) If you make an in-app purchase, please log in with Facebook or any other in-game social account to save your progress
3) Remove all Google accounts from the device and keep only freshly signed in
4) Redeem gift card in new languages
5) Go to the game and make a purchase (All Google accounts other than the new one must be deleted or it will not work)
6) will be purchased
* Remember to sign in with other social media accounts such as Facebook as you will be automatically logged out when the previous Google account is removed from the device *

Update 6 (30 June)

Someone else provided a solution that seems to have done the trick for two other people as well. Check it out below:

This will only work if you are legit and have a redeem/recharge account and gift card in the correct area where you live

Step 1: Turn off WiFi from your phone
Step 2: Use your local provider’s 4G/5G local internet etc.

Try to buy/redeem again. It should work now. (Source)

Update 7 (July 1)

Redditor shared a file The solution That fixed the problem for them anyway, so you could shoot it. This is what they say:

You must be rooted.

Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store app > Uninstall updates > Clear data.

If you are using Magisk manager. Install the Busybox and Debloater module.
(a) Google how to use the Debloater module to uninstall system apps.
(b) Uninstall the Google Play Store app.

If you are rooted without magisk then try to install System App Remover apk from playstore before uninstalling updates.

Install the apk version after uninstalling the Google Play app: Alle 0-fp-170066753-android-apk-download/

You can now use your balance.

Make sure to turn off auto-update through Playstore settings.

After your credit has been used, you can delete that payments profile and create a new one from the country you are in. The normal playstore version will work then.

Update 8 (02 July)

One Redditor pointed out that their friends who live in the US create an account to redeem gift cards. Needless to say, this is not something we recommend unless you trust it.

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Aside from that, there are a number of issues you might encounter with this unreliable solution. Here’s what someone said in response to a fellow Redditor’s question:

Have you had any problems using the second account to make in-game purchases (?) (Source)

I had the same issues with the second account when buying games. So he had to use the account in his country to buy games on that account for me. (Source)

Update 9 (03 July)

Inbound is another user recommended workaround that can help you overcome the country error.

Folks, temporary solution while Google comes out to respond appropriately.

You have a fairly old phone, at least from 2018, if you don’t have it, borrow it from a relative or friend who has such an old phone.

– First install the game where you will make the transfer.

– Then uninstall updates from Google Play, this is very important, make sure the minimum remaining Google Play version is version 5, 8 or 10, always avoid updating.

-Finally enter the game or what you want to buy and do it quickly.

I don’t know how often you work, but that’s all I can share with you. (Source)

Update 10 (05 July)

It’s 10:02 a.m.: to me One of the affected usersGoogle recently pushed an update that seems to fix this issue.

Moreover, for users who don’t mind resetting their devices, there might be a way to fix this problem as shown in the video below.

Update 11 (06 July)

A quick look at the Google Play community Transfer Many Garena Free Fire (Android) players are having trouble completing the transaction described in this article.

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Update 12 (07 July)

While changing your country seemed like a good solution at first, an expert revealed on the company’s community forums that Google can lock you up if you can’t provide proof that you live in that location.

Once the account is locked, you will lose access to all the services associated with it like Gmail, Drive, Photos, and more. So pay close attention if you still want to adjust your locale settings.

If you do not currently live in the country the card belongs to, please do not attempt to change your country to redeem that card. Google requires you to provide your physical address. Google may close your account and ask you to prove that you live at this location. If you can’t provide evidence, Google will have to delete your account for violating the terms of service. You will lose everything associated with this account; gmail, Drive, photos, games, apps, movies, music, and unspent credits. (Source)

Update 12 (July 14)

1:16 pm EST: This issue still affects users mostly and the policy change previously cited by a Google product expert, This is from 2018.

As the confusion continues, frustration builds up Since users of these gift cards have noticed that the problem only started a few months ago and the process seems to give users no idea which cards will be declined.

Update 13 (July 16)

10:44 AM: Several users who have already encountered the error have confirmed that switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data is the right solution for them, although there is no apparent reason why it worked.

Yes, thanks to everyone who said to use data instead of wifi… It worked… So if you have data, give it a try. Very strange. Please still resolve. (Source)

I can confirm that gift card redemption works while connected to mobile data, not Wi-Fi. My problem was that I could not redeem a US gift card to my US Google account. (Source)

Solve this problem with mobile data instead of Wi-Fi… (Source)

So if you are stuck in the same situation, we advise you to try this workaround.

Update 14 (July 17)

11:24 amUsers are directed to the new privacy policy and Google Play Support on Twitter tells affected users that the transaction will not complete if the play currency is from another country. here what they are Says:

You will not be able to complete transactions if your Google Play balance currency is outside your country or region, as per our new User Policy.

For those who complain, support asks them to try the Find and fix errors. In addition, some users Claim that they to take, to own from Same error even if the card was not purchased outside the country/region they reside in.

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