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Google stops showing location history to users on desktop, tablets and phones – News

Isn’t there an alternative app that can keep up with this?

I found something now:
Yes, there are many alternative apps you can use to track your locations and create timelines, similar to the Timeline feature in Google Maps. Here are some popular options:

1. **Life360**: This app is best known for its family location services, but it also offers the ability to track your location history.

2. **MyTracks**: This is an open source application that allows you to record and visualize your movements.

3. **Geo Tracker**: Another useful app to track your route and location history.

4. **Trip**: This is a digital diary app that can also record location data, giving you a collection of notes and locations.

5. **Map My Run/Ride/Walk**: Originally focused on fitness activities, these apps also track your routes, which can be useful for creating a timeline of your movements.

6. **Movements**: This app automatically records your activities and locations.

These apps provide different levels of detail and functionality, so you can choose the app that best suits your needs.

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