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Google trekt teugels aan voor Chrome-extensies

Google tightens the reins on Chrome extensions

Google introduces new control features for Chrome browser. Extensions must comply with Google’s policy, and downloads can be uploaded to Google for deeper examination.

Chrome’s new security features should make it easier to spot untrustworthy downloads and extensions right away. It is a continuation of the Enhanced Browser Safe Browsing feature, which was launched last year to provide better warnings against phishing sites.

Unreliable Unreliable

With Chrome extensions, the browser will warn if the user wants to install something that is not considered trustworthy. To be reliable in this case, the extensions must come from a developer who adheres to Google Developer Program Policies It was active for some time. So this feature from Google does not immediately trust new developers.

If someone wants to download an untrusted extension, Chrome displays a warning popup to be careful. However, they simply reserve the option to continue with the installation. The Google Says Almost three-quarters of the extensions in the Chrome Store will be considered reliable by their standards. Other extensions are not directly untrustworthy, but they are likely from new or recently called up developers.

Chrome is also getting a new scanning feature for suspicious downloads. Soon, downloads that Google thinks are dangerous, but don’t immediately appear to be unsafe, will offer an option to upload them to Google’s servers for a thorough scan. The new option is introduced in addition to the existing metadata checks that Chrome already performs on downloads.

Google says new features are being rolled out gradually for Chrome 91, the version of the browser released late last month.

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