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Google Wallet in the Netherlands: You can do it with it

Google Wallet in the Netherlands: You can do it with it

Google has promised and it is now making it happen: Google Wallet is available in the Netherlands. It looks like a wallet and is in every imaginable shape. So you can not only pay with it, but also store cards in it.

google wallet

Google Wallet is the way your debit cards are collected. You can use cards, such as your debit card or credit card. This doesn’t have to be from the same bank: the great thing is that it all comes together in this app. If you also have a HEMA customer card, supermarket gift card, or OV chip card, you can also store them all in the app. The next time you need it, you can then use Google Wallet to check out and use it.

This saves you the number of applications you need. In principle, you no longer need to install the application on your phone for all companies for which you have a loyalty card. You may miss additional offers and must first “load” some customer cards into the app for the store with a specific offer, but there are also many companies where this is not necessary, so you have a slightly cleaner phone.

digital wallet

If you want to add something to google walletYou just need to click on the Add to Wallet button which you can find on the bottom right. You can then choose what type of card you want to add and whether or not you want to enable screen lock. For example, if you want to add a card from your bank, it is possible, for example, to do it directly through Internet banking. Google makes it very easy to use Google Wallet. You can also add train tickets, concert tickets and a digital ID, but for now the focus is mainly on payment.

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If you want to know if you can pay with Google Wallet somewhere, pay attention to the Google Wallet icon, or the generic contactless payment logo, because Wallet also works well with that. Don’t forget to turn on your NFC. As for the OV chip card: it doesn’t work that way on all forms of public transport, so check the carrier’s website for this for an example.

Google Pay

You need a Google account to use the wallet. In addition, you must be at least 16 years old and use an Android phone with NFC support. Google Wallet is a separate app that you can find in the Play Store. At first this app was called Google Pay, so you may already have it on your phone. It can also mean that there are actually quite a few lanes in your app. Don’t worry, you’ve already added it to Google Pay yourself.

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