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Gordon Ramsay spoils newlyweds' wedding day with new TV show |  Famous

Gordon Ramsay spoils newlyweds’ wedding day with new TV show | Famous

FamousThe chance that Charlie Willis, 35, and his wife, Laura, 29, will eat at Gordon Ramsay, 54, are slim. The celebrity British chef has totally spoiled these lovebirds’ wedding day. The couple threw an intimate party on a secluded beach in mind, but when Ramsay suddenly appeared with the camera crew, the two saw their perfect wedding day turn smoky.

The couple now claims that not only were their wedding photos destroyed, but that the food served to them was also of lower quality due to Gordon Ramsay’s arrival. The British chef had the same kitchen, which meant that Charlie and Laura’s wedding dishes suddenly became “cheap and dirty”.

unusual situation

In total, the newlyweds paid 1,500 euros for an intimate ceremony and dinner for six on a private beach. Turns out just the beach in question wasn’t very private at all, because on their wedding day there were also tapings of Future Food Stars, Gordon Ramsay’s new TV show, on schedule. “We saved so much for the day and suddenly it was like extras in a game show,” the couple said.

Ramsay and the production team apologized to the couple. As a sign of goodwill, Gordon also reimbursed Charlie and Laura for 1,500 euros in costs. “We are deeply sorry that our presence spoiled your special day,” the show’s producer said in a letter to the newlyweds. A spokesperson for Lusty Glaze, the restaurant where the recordings took place, also responded to all the hype afterward. According to him, the situation was unusual, but in addition, Laura and Charlie did not have the right to exclusively use the beach.

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