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Great news for the remaining four residents: "Big Brother" does not stop after 100 this year, but already after 86 days

Great news for the remaining four residents: “Big Brother” does not stop after 100 this year, but already after 86 days

Then there were four of them. Dutchman Tobias van Veen (26 years old) had to leave the house before the last week. It is noteworthy that the residents did not know until recently that the final would take place next Saturday. A hundred days ago the usual.

Eva de Porter

For Tobias, this was his first nomination since entering the house on December 31, 2021. So a native resident. “I feel very strange, it is incomprehensible,” he said afterwards. “I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at home again, but at the same time it’s also weird to leave them here.” Also strange, because at home he became a good friend of Grace. Over the past few weeks, it’s been obvious to see how the two of them have grown toward each other. Big brother She even gifted a romantic dinner.

“We are very good friends,” Tobias explains then with broadcasters Peter van de Veer and Geraldine Kemper. “We find each other attractive, but we’ll see. She also said from the start that there was someone in the outside world, I don’t want to interfere with that. We made it clear right away at home, so he wouldn’t take a life of his own. I told Grace I hope you win. That Right for her. She will make this dream come true. She will win,” it seems convinced.

86 days

Thus, the last week begins with the apotheosis of next Saturday. On Wednesday, another candidate will be dropped, and voting can take place now. Another great thing: the final will stop next Saturday Big brother Not in 100 days but in 86 days. According to SBS, this decision has already been made byaBefore the program started, but they never mentioned it. An element of surprise for the residents.

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Here are the four finalists:

• Christoph Timers (30)

Stabroek (BE)

Geography teacher / singer Schlager

Has been at home since January 2

He’s the only one who’s actually confirmed his place in the final thanks to winning the Golden Key

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Notion Broadhairs (25)

Ghent (BE)


In the house since December 31, 2021


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• Grace Rodrigues (35)

Breda (Netherlands)

job seeker

In the house since December 31, 2021


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• Salar Abbasi Abassi (27)

Assendelft (NL)


He’s been at home since January 3

He already received 3,089 euros in the match for the golden key, which Christophe eventually won and took the last place.