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Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen can accommodate 20 flights from Schiphol per day

Groningen Eelde Airport can receive up to twenty flights per day from Schiphol in the coming period. This is what airport manager Mitge de Groot said. It states that it is discussing this with Schiphol and the airlines. Because of the large crowds at the airport, Schiphol wants to transfer flights to regional airports, among other things.

“We could easily expand before the summer season if we knew in time,” de Groot says. She also says as president of the Dutch Association of Airports (NVL): “We must look together at how to solve this problem.” De Groot believes that Schiphol’s long-term role must also be considered. “Cargo trips or vacation trips can be handled perfectly in the area.”

The personnel problems that Schiphol faces are less significant at Groningen Eelde Airport. De Groot is still receiving adequate responses to job postings.

Schiphol presented last week a plan of action to cope with the large crowds at the airport during the summer period. Additional personnel, such as security guards, should be appointed for this purpose, among others. Schiphol strives to ensure that the number of flights and passengers correspond to the amount of staff available to handle at that time. To this end, planning should be better coordinated with airlines, and flights should be moved to regional airports.

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