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GTA V is leaving Xbox Game Pass before Series X upgrade.

If someone told me that eight years after its release, people would still be buying, playing and talkingThrough Grand Theft Auto V As far as they are, I thought you were crazy. Yet here we are in 2021, with the ever-powerful and amazing Rockstar topping the charts.

I saw the Xbox One upgrade in 2015 and as expected, Grand Theft Auto V Ready to update Xbox Series X | S, due for release in November.

GTA V It is powered by the online multiplayer component: the open world, free for all GTA Online. The game effectively maintains funding for Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, as the service has grown into a billion dollar brand over the years. I don’t even think Rockstar saw that coming.

It rises and falls in game charts across all platforms, and is usually boosted by new releases and upcoming shows GTA Online. Such is the success of the game, it appears that Rockstar has canceled all the planned single-player downloadable content, which is unfortunate considering how awesome the overall DLCs are. GTA IV.

popularity GTA V I’ve seen it come and go from Xbox Game Pass over the years, and it looks like the latest version is coming out in the coming days.

Looking at the official Xbox Game Pass app, GTA V It will appear in the “Quick Checkout” section of the app. While no date has been attached, we must assume it will be removed by the end of the week or sometime in the first week of August.

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It really shouldn’t be a surprise. The first, because Rockstar has a history of randomly adding and removing their games – Red Dead Redemption 2 is a good example – and second, because GTA V It’s scheduled to get the Series X upgrade by the end of the year.

Will Series X be upgraded? GTA V worthy of good Different Development? Drop in the comments below!