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Hackers pretended to be investigating officers based on requests from tech companies – IT Pro – News

Last year, hackers impersonated law enforcement officers who made official requests for information from technology companies. It happened last year in Apple, Meta, Snap, Discord, among others.

The hackers, among other things, forged the signatures of employees of the investigation services who make such requests, Bloomberg reports† They also made requests appear as real as possible. According to the Financial News Agency, the hackers tried to obtain private information about the users of those companies in this way.

The news agency said Meta, Apple and Discord honored those requests and sent information. This is unknown from Snap. All companies have verification methods to check if the information requests are real, but it seems that the hackers did not get them. They are believed to be teenagers from the US and UK.

This includes the physical addresses, IP addresses, and phone numbers of Meta, Apple, and Discord users. The number of participating users is unknown. These requests typically relate to information about a small number of users for use in criminal investigations. Big tech companies receive such requests on a daily basis.

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