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Hangover: Strong Norway sends Belgium home with 4 goals |  red flame

Hangover: Strong Norway sends Belgium home with 4 goals | red flame

Record results:
7′ Bergsfand 1-0
30′ Graham Hansen 2-0
68′ Terland 3-0
91′ Serstad Engine 4-0

Belgium and Norway together led in the preliminary round of Group F for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand with 7 out of 9. Flames saw the moment as the right moment to beat Norway. She herself had two 7-0 victories against Albania and Kosovo and the Norwegians went no further than 0-0 in Poland.

But Norway of course is the number one country, number 12 in the world and has always been a part of the World Cup, Belgium has never been. The difference in class was evident from the first minute. The eager home team was a step faster than Flames, who was far behind.

Goalkeeper Everrar’s hands were full, she saved some chances, but could not avoid Bergsfand’s quick 1-0 goal. He can easily head to the corner after 7 minutes.

Evrard and her defenders were forced to withdraw all the stopping points, as the Norwegian waves continued to break.

However, the Belgian equalizer came out of the blue: Wijnants headed past the independent nets and Wullaert missed a fine cross from Wijnants. These were rare but serious obstructions from visitors.

The Norwegians did not mind and continued to attack at a high rate. Star star Graham Hansen took advantage of the loss of the ball in the midfield, ran towards the Belgian goal, turned on two defenders and kicked hard. The score 2-0 at the end of the first half was more than it deserved for the home team.

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Coach Yves Cernells relied on the same names after the break and the match was well balanced in the first 15 minutes. De Caigny scored Al Wasl’s goal on the post and Vanhaevermaet wanted a penalty after a push in 16, but that didn’t come.

Norway managed to dominate the second half without a goal, and they didn’t really need it anymore. But in the end, the home team once again appeared in front of an excited crowd. Ritten sent the ball to Terland, who pushed the ball past Evard on the brink of offside.

Belgium brought 4 new troops, but they could no longer turn the tide. The goal was to make the situation less hopeless, but on the contrary, it only made it worse. Seastad Everard’s shot deflected on Tessiak: 4-0.

The first of the group can go directly to the World Cup, and the second plays jumping jacks. After tonight, it seems clear that Norway has settled this argument in its favour. Although of course there is a comeback on September 2, 2022. Belgium will have to look to Poland for second place.