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'Hard blow for Anderlecht: Friedberg's transfer plan flutters'

‘Hard blow for Anderlecht: Friedberg’s transfer plan flutters’

In theory it is still possible, but after the defeat to Club Brugge, the title is beyond Anderlecht. Suddenly, the purple and white car stopped in third place only. If that does not change on the final day of the match, a number of ambitious plans could also fail.

Anderlecht must perform better than Club Brugge and/or Union against Antwerp on Sunday to move up the standings. There seems to be a good chance that the people of Brussels, already assured of European football until the New Year, will have to make do with the third scaffold and ticket that accompanies the Europa League preliminary round.

Anderlecht loses its Champions League ticket

After failing on the European stage this season, the original goal has been achieved, but with the title looming, there is great disappointment at Lotto Park. Moreover, the Champions League could potentially evaporate in one fell swoop. Second place also offered a view of the preliminary round of the Champions League.

The potential participation would earn Anderlecht at least 30 million. Obviously the current budget didn’t take those fat pots into account, but the money certainly helped. Secretly, Jesper Friedberg seemed to be preparing for a mercato in which the bar could be raised even higher.

Fewer resources for Friedberg

Following a major cleaning out of the locker room last summer, he reportedly set his sights on targets such as Quinn Casteels and Matty Smits. Not only should the Champions League prospect help convince them, but Fredberg also threatens to have the financial resources to complete such bids.

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It also appears that “Friedberg would be less willing to seduce these boys.” The newspaper. In addition to losing their first title in seven years, only finishing third would be a huge blow for next season, as Anderlecht will be active on three fronts.