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HartKliniek among the top 5 rated clinics in ZorgkaartNederland - Regional News Hoogeveen

HartKliniek among the top 5 rated clinics in ZorgkaartNederland – Regional News Hoogeveen

HartKliniek is ranked as one of the best rated clinics by ZorgkaartNederland in 2023. The average score given by patients to HartKliniek is 9.4. HartKliniek is the only one in the “Clinics” category to make it to the top list for the fifth year in a row. It emphasizes consistent quality and dedication to a personalized and comprehensive approach to the healthcare organization through 15 locations in the Netherlands, including Hoogeveen.

Healthcare institutions are evaluated by patients in ZorgkaartNederland in aspects such as listening, explaining, providing information and treatment. the
The recognition from ZorgkaartNederland is an important recognition for HartKliniek and its employees. They are committed every day to optimal cardiology care while caring for the individual and providing care according to the human scale. The personal approach combined with the small nature of HartKliniek Centers ensures that patients feel seen and heard.

“Our approach aims not only to provide the best medical care, but also to create an environment where patients feel safe to share their concerns and complaints and/or undergo treatment. This is essential, because heart complaints are often personal and complex,” says Mino Pars, MD, cardiologist. And founder and general director of HartKliniek: “The positive feedback we receive from patients motivates us to continue this approach and further develop it, always with the patient at the center.”

About Heart Clinic
HartKliniek is a national organization for independent small entrepreneurs
Cardiovascular disease treatment centers. After referral
Patients come here for outpatient heart check-ups and
Treatments. Quality and the human touch come first, with emphasis on
Personalized, comprehensive approach and short waiting times. All conversations
The tests are performed by the cardiologists themselves. There is special interest
For women's heart, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac genetics and prevention research.
HartKliniek was founded in 2014 by cardiologists Meno Baars and Chris Hay
It now has 15 branches across the country: Almere, Amsterdam, Den
The Hague Statenquartier, The Hague Rigswijk, Dronten, Groningen, Hoogeveen, Hoorn,
Lelystad, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Oistvik, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen and

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