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Hayne attacks Club Brugge: “How much positive attention have they already received?”

Hayne attacks Club Brugge: “How much positive attention have they already received?”

AA Gent open up against KV Mechelen on Saturday, an important match in the European qualifying battle. Coach Hein Vanhaysbrouck is aware of this too, and now looks towards Club Brugge with envy.

Ghent suffered defeat to OH Leuven in the previous round of the match, allowing KVM to sneak a little closer. The difference between the two teams is one point. If they win, the Kakkers could jump to the front in the battle for the final European ticket.

Heine wants efficient Ghent

Vanhaezebrouck is cautious about the arrival of KVM. “Mechelen and STVV are the two best teams in this series, but we also lost in Leuven,” he told the press on Friday. He added: “But in football, it is not always about who is the better team, otherwise Lille would always be in the semi-finals of the Conference League, and Manchester City would be in the semi-finals of the Champions League.”

“It's about efficiency (…) In terms of efficiency, we had a high performance for a few match days and last week it was a little lower,” says Vanhisbrouck, who then spoke in more detail about Club Brugge's European path.

Club Brugge receives more attention than Ghent

Vanhisbrouck believes the club is receiving a lot of interest during its European journey. “How much positive publicity Club Brugge received for the match in Greece, simply because there was only one club still active in Europe. We have seen it to a lesser extent, although Ghent is not yet like Brugge for the press,” Ali pointed out.

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“Unfortunately, we're not allowed to do that this season. And that hurts our fans as well,” HVH continued. “It is true that there is now a certain look of jealousy towards Brugge, although we are also happy that the Belgian club is making it this far. However, we often write the European story after the New Year.”