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He lives.  Catch up on all about Rock Werchter 2022 here

He lives. Catch up on all about Rock Werchter 2022 here

From Thursday to Sunday, Rock Werchter is once again a mecca for music lovers. Ticket sales show that festival fans missed the chance to hit the meadow: The 46th edition of the Rock Werchter has sold out, good for 151,000 visitors. We are with this musical for four days from start to finish. Follow her here to find out all about the festivities on and off stage.

  • Covid strikes: no Greta van Fleet

    American rock band Greta Van Vliet’s performance, which was supposed to take place on the main stage at 8.40 p.m. on Friday, has been cancelled. Covid seems to be the culprit. Instead, Turnstile’s post-hardcore squad is being moved from The Barn to Main Stage. Their vacant place at The Barn has not yet been filled.

  • Waiting until the last minute to get my ‘honest face’, sniffing hit with Frontman Elijah, Bono’s son

  • Idle: “The genius is in a sleazy corner” *****

    Greasy like lube oil, tough with adrenaline, filth and grime. Punk is an attitude, Idles has mastered that perfectly. It’s like a night in the cafe. Roosters in each other’s ears, pockets crooked on your chair. Drink barrels of beer, throw hands over shoulders and declare love. But there are also fireworks. One wrong word and you’ll get a slap in the face. The performance of the Idles – the illegitimate children of the sea frenzy and football hooligans – is tension and chaos. But at the same time, there is a lot of subjective relativity at the bottom.

    The band mocked songs like Mother And the Danny Nedelko, making a fist for extroverts, for immigration and against fascism and the public swirling in moshpits. With the help of a clean voice, grateful for the response. Sometimes genius is in trouble.

  • reconsidering. Nitrogen at the Rock Werchter: A burning barn, a toddler on stage, and a block of pogo****

    Early in the afternoon, a crowd of young men walked briskly towards the barn. They already knew: The Werchter Barn would soon be on fire. Enter the nitrogen, which does not shy away from the melancholy smile and such a hut explodes. “Werchester, you you wantRead more here (+).

  • Ten hours of flying for one band: “Then we fly to Paris to go shopping”

    Every day eighty thousand people descend on the festival meadow in Worcester. They sometimes come from far and wide. Music lovers from the rest of our country, the Netherlands, the UK and even Canada, come to visit as well as the locals: “We don’t have such festivals,” says Stephanie from Ontario (Canada). Read more here (+).

    Amanda and Stephanie traveled to Belgium for one band.

  • Singing with the kids at Club C

  • Clairo cancels performance, but a replacement has already been found

    Claire Cottrell aka Clairo, known for the songs “Pretty Girl” and “Flamingo Hot Cheetos,” won’t be coming to Rock Worchter on Saturday. The organization reported this via Twitter. The replacement has already been found: Charlotte Adigiri and Polis Popol. The duo Ghent, who is gradually breaking through internationally, will bring their sexy sound to Klub C at 5.35pm.

  • Nitrogen calls a large moose pit ‘reaching the back of the tent’

  • The camp site is empty and there is a simple reason for that: “€3.50 for a beer, that’s fixed”

    At noon, the camps are empty and tens of thousands flock to the festival meadow. This happens to many with a new pint on hand. Exhibitors confirm that they see an increase in beer consumption compared to 2019 and this is for a reason: according to the youth, 3.50 euros for a beer in the meadow is very good. Read more here (+).

    Intel, Robin, Mathieu and Flores from Roeselary and Petcom

  • reconsidering. Total 41 in Rock Werchter: “Overage Adolescent Fire” ****

    Pop punk will never get old, and it doesn’t have to be. But with all their youthful enthusiasm a total of 41… Read more here…

  • With the party hat on

    Spotted here and there in the meadow: party hats. As with the Dutch Gijs and Kyron “Today we celebrate Gijs’ birthday,” says Kyron. “That is why we wear a hat. Except for a friend, he quickly got tired of it and replaced it with a fisherman’s hat.” How many candles can a birthday girl blow out? “Okay, that depends on the question, but on paper it’s 32 years.”

  • Friday is Metallica Day

    The second day of the festival will be a more sunny day, but the meadow will still be darker today than it was yesterday. This has to do with Metallica. Fans are early present, recognizable by their (black) outfits. Die-hard fans go one step further.

  • First sunbathing on the slope

    On Thursday there wasn’t much to enjoy the sun, but on Friday afternoon it was back in full swing accompanied by a cool breeze. The first sunbathers were enjoying themselves for a while on The Slope, the sloping platform built into the back of the stage.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Rock Werchter Performance Uncertain

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers had to cancel their concert in Glasgow tonight due to illness. The band announced this on Twitter. The group should normally be at Rock Werchter on Sundays, but it is not yet clear if that will last.

  • All ready for Day Two at Rock Werchter

    A total of 41 could immediately swing into the beech wood around 13, slightly later than originally planned. The Canadian rock band ensures that festival-goers won’t be bothered with their little eyes for too long.

  • Then the first day of the Rock Werchter came to an end. The honor of closing goes to Eddie Vader (57) and his friends from Pearl Jam. While the audience wears a hail jacket after a rainy day, Vedder takes one on stage. Bouncing back and forth like a merry foal. He catches his breath for a while only halfway. Lids quantity can also be discussed. But that this is a group of excellent musicians is more than evident from the tunes of the last song. Read more.
  • Pearl Jam honors victims of Roskilde drama in Worcester

    Day in and day out, 22 years ago, nine people lost their lives during a Pearl Jam party in Roskilde, Denmark, when they were suffocated by crowds and theater divers. Since then, stage diving has been banned in the world.

    “It’s a bit difficult for us today,” says Eddie Vader at Werchter’s meadow. “June 30, 2000 was the worst day in a lot of people’s lives and it changed us forever. We never stop thinking about it and keep families and society in our thoughts.” Calls to light smartphones like a candle during A long way† Which is immediately responded to and the meadow becomes a field of white lights.

  • Worchter still awake: Pearl Jam sends festival-goers into the night

  • Bittersweet Lian La Havas

    Her latest album, from 2020, got the most obvious name: “Lianne La Havas.” It is an ode to all aspects of a love relationship. The journey she took, which inspired her.

    It is perhaps the most intimate and vulnerable journey a person takes, and therefore difficult to convey in its completeness. La Havas does a great job at conveying this complex story. In the first darkness of the evening, the audience at Klub C sways with first infatuation and first doubts, sympathizing with the agonizing break and finally newfound freedom. The guitar playing and the guitar itself of the singer changes along with the different moods within this turbulent love story. Fun and rhythmic, sometimes more sensual. But it’s always interactive.

    I hope so unstoppableAn old case, it’s a representation of what’s to come.

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