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Hein Vanhaezebrouck hopes fans keep coming: 'You can also allow partial occupation' |  AA Gent

Hein Vanhaezebrouck hopes fans keep coming: ‘You can also allow partial occupation’ | AA Gent

AA GentHein Vanhaezebrouck has his reservations about the fact that we may once again head to matches without an audience and without an atmosphere.

“If that was the case, I think that would be unfortunate,” says HVH. There is also an intermediate step introduced in Germany. There they go to partial occupancy, with a maximum that depends on capacity. The football sector was hit hard last season, when it had to be played without people. There were also no additional measures for the football sector, while this is the case for other sectors. Football clubs depend on their fans and on ticket sales and all kinds of things that go around that. It would be a shame if that happened again.”


All kinds of decisions – and no decisions made – in recent months. As a result, we are now at a point where it seems like everything has to happen all at once. For footballers, football fans, clubs, coaches – all involved – playing football without an audience is not a good thing. We have already seen last year that the spirit of the fans is robbed in this way.”

But on the other hand, there are always supporters who do not follow the rules. They also do not guarantee that you can get out of the football with an amplified sound. The clubs are doing everything they can, but there are always supporters who think they are smarter. This is also the case in society. Where everyone thinks it’s best to get vaccinated, unvaccinated people are taking to the streets with 30,000 to demonstrate. Perhaps the 7 million people who have been vaccinated (in Belgium 8.6 million people now fully, ed.) should take to the streets to show the difference between that small group of unvaccinated people and the massive group that has been vaccinated. We also know that vaccination is not a guarantee against disease. The virus is constantly mutating. But vaccination makes a difference in the consequences of any disease.”

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