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Hein Vanhaezebrouck thinks Anderlecht won't miss any points anymore

Hein Vanhaezebrouck thinks Anderlecht won’t miss any points anymore

What a catching up race! AA Gent was still 14th after Round 8 this season. Everyone had already crossed them out for the Champions Qualifiers. Two days before the end of the match, Hein Vanheisbrück and his companions were in the top four. But there are still two games.”

Hein had something to say, because he didn’t think the current format was possible. “I am in favor of the classification where the goal difference is decisive. Then we were not even involved compared to Anderlecht, but we are the only ones in Europe who still have to hold on to something.

“I’m also in favor of a playoff 1 with at least 6, because that atrocity is really bullshit. There are good, big teams in Belgium over four. I even support two sets of 12 games and playoffs with 8. But hey…Anderlecht has completed a course Brilliant and they should always be in it.”

There must be at least 6 teams in playoff 1, because this brutality is really rubbish

Of course he’s glad AA Gent gave themselves a chance for more. “I have to congratulate my players after their eighth game in 24 days. I’m glad they were able to make it happen, because the second half was so full of energy. But we didn’t give up any real chances to score. Davy Rove did a good job, but the hardest ball he had to Catching it was that shovel from Gomez, and I understand that in Anderlecht there is talk of efficiency, but how many great opportunities – even for the open goal – have we snatched our necks this season? That they haven’t had many open opportunities.”

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But they still have to cross the top four. “We’ll have to win both games, because Anderlecht won’t leave anything behind. I’m one hundred percent sure. And I can’t really say that, because in Antwerp they will be angry, but I hope we will be both then, we are both confident in European football, But yeah, I can’t really say that.”