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Hogere boetes voor wie spooroverweg oprijdt zonder ruimte om door te rijden

Higher fines for anyone entering a railway crossing without space …

Anyone who enters a level crossing when traffic is obstructed and faces real danger as he will have to stop at that level, will soon risk a fine of between 160 and 2000 euros. On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Mobility Committee approved a proposal by Marian Verhart (Open VLD) to increase the fine for this type of violation.

Entering a Sui Junction in the event of a traffic obstacle is still currently a Class I violation, the lowest category on the Road Code. This may give a wrong signal. People think it’s “not that bad” and they don’t always realize the consequences of entering a railroad, “says Verhart.

With the bill passed, Verhaert and other committee members want fines to increase. For example, the crime will become one of the second category, which means that it relates to a crime that can directly endanger the safety of persons. “The police can do more checks on this, there will be a change in behavior more quickly, and the safety on the railways itself will improve,” says Verhart. The fine for the second category ranges from 160 to 2000 euros.

Open VLD politician recalls that ignoring the red light when crossing the level or slaloming between closed barriers is a fourth-degree violation, with a fine of 320 to 4,000 euros, with a driver’s license withdrawn for 8 days. Up to 5 years.