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Highest daily IBOP De Mortel score for Kascade SR

Highest daily IBOP De Mortel score for Kascade SR

On the second IBOP day at De Mortel in North Brabant, Bart Bax and Marian Dorresteijn judged fifteen horses. Today’s top score went to the six-year-old Cascade RealDaughter of Dorado.

Of the fifteen mares evaluated, eight passed. After that, four mares were presented at the inspection of the Book of Horses. Three of these horses became Core or Elite, one of them became a star. “We’ve seen a good pioneer group,” Bart Bucks begins. But we also had to stop the evaluation for a number of mares. These horses were actually too green to bring out their full potential and to judge them as positively as possible. In order to give mares the best chance of getting good marks, it is important that they really walk on their feet, walk with balance and can relax reasonably.”

Cascade Real

Cascade Real (Dorado out of Fame by Dancier, ATM Roefs breeder) owned by MJF van den Nieuwenhof – van Erp scored 84.5 points under Suus van den Nieuwenhof. “This mare was presented very correctly. She was very gently driven from the back to the hand, she was very obedient and calm in the lean. She walked actively with good range and good use of the body. Active trotting with good leg technique, good range and good use of the back leg. For a higher figure , may still be a little uphill in the amplitudes. The canter has a good three stroke, good use of the back leg and is carried well. Here too the mare rides well forward.” Subsequently, the Kascade SR was scored with 80 points in the genealogical register, ster and direct keur.

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A lot of work

Daughter of GLOCK Tutu Jr. New Delypsa VDT (From Wynton’s Delypsa II VDT Elite EPTM-dres PROK) From breeder Ad van de Tillaart of Zijtaart he scored 82.5 points today. “At 1.62 metres, this mare isn’t the tallest, but it is a sharp mare and has a lot of movement and makes itself great at walking. It gets into a good stroke, with good body use and good range. On the trot, it has a lot of lats and a lot of technique, and to get A higher mark, it should have had a bottom a bit more in breadth. This mare rides with a good jump, good lunge and nice leverage. She can change gears very easily in the canter.” This mare was temporary keur and became elite with this IBOP score.

Fantastic mare

He is also three years old Nina Ricci apples (Only WImphof from Primer to Jewel Apple ster PROK by Fairytale) from breeder Nico van Maaswaal from ‘t Goy was already a temporary keur. With 81 IBOP points, this mare is today’s elite. “This is a wonderful mare with a tactile movement. She has a very good hind leg and great strength, but that was at the expense of support today. This mare has an energetic gait, wide and great strength. She trots rhythmically with a lot of lunge, and here too her strength is remarkable. The boat is a good jump and a good take-off. For a higher score, she can keep moving with the withers slightly up in the canter.”

Royal Moana

The fourth mare to score more than 80 points is the daughter of Dreamboy moana (Walk Over ster IBOP-dres-dres PROK from Sir Sinclair) from breeders A. van Geffen and MCJ van Geffen from Nistelrode. This four-year-old mare reached 80.5 points. “This is a decent mare with a gentle forefoot and good posture. She walked a very correct mile and was obedient throughout the test and her ears forward. This is not the most exciting horse, but she is very functional, empathetic and hardworking. She walks actively, so she gets a little more room for a higher grade. Active trotting With good technique, in stretches of the canter she was able to walk a little more with the withers today. The canter could develop a little more range, but she wishes with a lot more lunge and ductility.” Moana was later starred in IBOP.

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source: KWPN