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Hijacked Dutch crew ‘perform better’

Hijacked Dutch crew ‘perform better’

Under the circumstances, things are going well with the fifteen crew members of a Dutch ship Earlier this month Were abducted off the coast of Benin in West Africa.

“David B has been in contact with Tanker’s team. Fifteen team members are together and perform well in difficult situations,” says De Polly Tankers of Brentrecht. In a statement. The news was also conveyed to the relatives of the film crew.

Team members are from the Philippines, Russia and two Baltic states. The company says it will “do everything possible to free the crew” without providing further information so as not to endanger the safety of employees.

Six crew members were left on board. The ship is now on a submarine en route to a safe port.

The ransom is deemed to have been demanded

The oil tanker sailed under the flag of Malta, but it is managed by De Poly Tankers from Parentrech. The ship was en route from the Latvian capital Riga to Lagos, Nigeria. The attack took place about 340 kilometers off the coast of Benin. The kidnappers reportedly took the group members to one of the nearby countries to demand a ransom.

To be found in the Gulf of Guinea Increasingly Robberies or kidnappings happen. Last September The pirates attacked another Croningan ship and abducted two crew members. In January, one person was killed in an attack on a container ship, while other crew members were abducted and released a few weeks later.

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