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Hitman Studio is said to be working on the Xbox Series X game.

IO Interactive developer, known for his work on the Hitman series, is said to be working on a new game that will be exclusive to Xbox platforms. This project, assuming it exists, will also be very different from the 007 video game the studio had already announced in late 2020. The only downside to all of this news at the moment is that if it ends with this title. We will probably never see him again for a while.

The message in the middle of this news stems from a recent video clip from Windows Central Games. According to what was said in the video, IO Interactive teamed up to create an exclusive Xbox Game Studios title. And while the game’s details are minimal at the moment, it appears to be a major departure from what the developer has done before. The project can be set in a fictional world and it can include dragons.

However, as mentioned earlier, the game is said to be in a very early stage of development. Windows Central Gaming specifically states that the game is in the prototyping stage and is “several years” away from a previous release. With all of this in mind, it might take some time for us to be sure it’s there.

However, we have already heard the idea that IO Interactive will be working on something other than Hitman and the new James Bond video game. This confirms Studio Hakan Abrak’s CEO in a new report Interview A few weeks ago, the developer now had something else behind the scenes. Although nothing was mentioned about it being a game for Xbox only, this small amount of information still confirms that the studio is now up and running more than you think.

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So what do you take from all of this? Want to see IO Interactive create a game exclusive for Xbox Game Studios? What do you think of the possibility of an imaginary environment? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter at reliable.