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Hogeland has a rugby club: The Highlanders.  Permission of New Zealand

Hogeland has a rugby club: The Highlanders. Permission of New Zealand

The municipality of Hed Hogeland has its first official rugby club: Rugby Club The Highlanders. It is the northernmost rugby club in the Netherlands, located in Wehe-ten Huren.

At present there is only a youth department, but the intention is to make it a full-fledged club soon. Although the English name does the region justice, there are still some hurdles to overcome before it can be used.

Permission has been sought to use the name as there is a more famous club of the same name in New Zealand, The Highlanders, a basketball club in Head Hogeland. Both clubs have given permission, and there was even a video message from Dutch rugby player Fabian Holland from New Zealand congratulating the new club on its establishment.

Ice Skating Association Wehe-den Hoorn

The club will be officially opened by Rugby Netherlands this summer. Practices have been offered for some time at the Ice Skating Club rink in Wehe-den Hoorn. Youngsters aged 5 to 12 are taught the basics of rugby. The association is looking for more children who want to start playing rugby and will be attending various sporting events such as Winsome Sports Days in the future.

If there is enough interest, a group for seniors will also be started. All four coaches are board members of rugby club The Highlanders. They are Reitze den Gade (Chairman), Jonathan Wink (Treasurer), Mies Brucker (Secretary) and Sander van der Brink (General Board Member).