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Holiday: Free Space | Churchnet

Holiday: Free Space | Churchnet

The last drawing by Koen Lemmens for Leeftocht is a reality. The dove is flying. Room for hope! Like Noah’s dove after the flood. Admit it, we are all getting more and more “water sick”! We have been feeling drained these last months. The “bad weather” has continued to rage. But as a sign of hope, the warm summer sun has awakened. Suddenly a feeling of summer has swept over us.

We gradually begin to let go and let go. The holiday begins with letting go. Letting go creates a void. Letting go can be very difficult, but it is necessary. Daily Routine | Interruption Structure | Breaking through is sometimes a challenge too. However, it is necessary if space needs to be freed up to enjoy it.

Just as we need “free space” to accomplish our educational project, we also need “free space” to relax after all those many efforts. Because just as water takes up all the free space during a flood, the pressure of “always being busy” can take up all the free space inside us and eventually destroy us.

Which is why these days have gradually become days of planning, finishing, slowing down, organizing, relaxing… After ten months of “wonderful space”, we are on the threshold of “free space to enjoy”. A space with lots of free time.

We often read in the Bible that God sets people free. The seventh day of God’s creation is an example of this. The free space of “rest” in the Bible is actually “sacred time.” “Sacred time” when people can return to their homes. A wonderful pilgrimage into the depths of yourself. In particular, I would like to wish you this pilgrimage in the coming holiday weeks. A wonderful journey back into the depths of yourself, to the places you want to stay, and to the people you love.

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Best Regards.

June 26, 2024
Rick Depre
Catholic Education Priest Flanders