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Home robbery: Tolan leads again

Home robbery: Tolan leads again

From the statistics Police website. The peak of domestic looting is usually during the dark winter months. But summer is a small peak, and residents of questionable homes are coming on vacation. In between, in the spring and fall, there are fewer robbery incidents.


But that spring layoff began in February 2021 and lasted at least until June. See the chart below. It is not possible to say for sure how much the curfew order (January 23 to April 27) influenced this figure. Police figures did not show on what day the robbery took place.

However, it is clear that relatively low numbers continued in May and June.

Dolan is very popular

Statistics for the Postal Code area show that the most popular with robbers are: thirteen robberies and one attempt over a six-month period. Always on different dates. That interest in Tolan is new. Until last year, Kosin Center was number one when it came to domestic robbery incidents.

Such a preference for skin has already been mentioned last winter. It was considered by the police to be a bandit from the western province with a fixed pattern.

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