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HomePod 17.1.1 software update available: Here's what's included

HomePod 17.1.1 software update available: Here’s what’s included

In conjunction with the update to iOS 17.1.1, Apple released more updates. Oddly enough, as of the time of writing, a new tvOS 17.1.1 operating system has not yet been released, but an update has been released for the HomePod, which runs largely on the same code base. This update fixes a bug that some HomePod users were experiencing.

HomePod 17.1.1 software update is available

The update comes a few days after the release of HomePod 17.1, which introduced improved dialog boxes. This initially only worked on the second-generation HomePod as of 2023. With software update 17.1, Apple has expanded this to include the first-generation HomePod as of 2018 and the HomePod mini as of 2020. This means you can now use all HomePods To transfer audio (in conjunction with Apple TV) to sound better.

Good news, of course, but users noticed that there were still some bugs in tvOS 17. One of them was that some HomePod speakers responded slowly or didn’t answer questions at all. This has now been resolved,

Download HomePod 17.1.1 software update

The update downloads and installs automatically, but you can also force it yourself if you want to update right away. This is how we do it:

  1. Open the Home app on your iPhone. go to her houseUnpaid invoice.
  2. Click on Home at the top left. If necessary, choose Home settings And select the house where your HomePod is located.
  3. tap on system update.
  1. The application will now check for updates.
  2. You will now see the version number and size.
  3. push the button Download and install To update the software.
  4. The HomePod update will now be installed.
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Also read more in our article about the HomePod update.

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