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Horrifying body camera footage shows how a beaten woman is freed from the clutches of her kidnapper |  outside

Horrifying body camera footage shows how a beaten woman is freed from the clutches of her kidnapper | outside

A 23-year-old Ohio woman was freed from the clutches of a sadistic kidnapper after four days. Chloe Jones remained tied up in one garage the entire time, where she was beaten black and blue with a baseball bat. Akron Police are now sharing terrifying body camera footage of the moment the young woman crawled out of a hole in the ceiling with extremely swollen eyes.

The painful ordeal began when Jones accepted a promotion from William Mozingo last month. The two knew each other vaguely, so she saw no harm in him taking her home.

However, Mozingo had other plans. He locked the young lady in the small cage and began to torture her to his heart’s content.

“Doused in gasoline.”

“He tied Chloe up, poured gasoline on her and threatened to set her on fire,” her mother, Jessie Barham, testified. “He beat her from head to toe with his fists and a baseball bat. He threatened to cut her throat dozens of times with a knife.”

“Chloe wasn’t allowed to go to the toilet, so she had to urinate on her body. He choked her several times, but he also warned her: If she fainted, he would kill her. So he wanted her to try everything very consciously. And between the rain of blows he held her.”

Chloe Jones before she was badly beaten. © RV


The rescue eventually came about by luck: the garage owner drove by and noticed suspicious activity. When he also heard screaming, he informed the police.

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The summoned officers then forced Mozingo to come out with his hands in the air. After being handcuffed, Jones was able to free him. The photos show how she carefully reached the ground floor via a ladder.

Facial fractures

The young woman remained in intensive care for three days, suffering from facial fractures, brain bleeding, and a broken arm. “I don’t recognize my daughter anymore. Her face was twice as big as usual,” Barham said.

Jones told local TV station Fox 8 that her son’s idea kept her alive. “I imagined his face all the time. Countless times I feared for my life, it was terrifying.”

Not ready for the test piece

Mozingo wasn’t ready for its test piece. He had been to prison three times before on kidnapping charges. In 2019, he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, who was found unconscious and naked at his home in Canton (Ohio). However, after eighteen months in prison, he was released again – on conditions.

“This man is no longer allowed to roam freely,” Barham asserts. He has proven that he will continue to do so. The justice system knew he would strike again, but nothing was done about it.

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