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How do Antwerp sponsors see the Overmars date?  'Not our choice' |  Jupiler Pro League

How do Antwerp sponsors see the Overmars date? ‘Not our choice’ | Jupiler Pro League

Heylen Vastgoed has been an Antwerp Patron for over 10 years. Logo on the back of the shirt. “First of all, we are not consulted or informed of such matters in advance. These are sports matters,” the driver said. Cedric Vanhenksthoven.

“The same goes for transfers. We heard a rumor that something big was about to be announced, but I think we were as surprised as everyone else.”

“We learned about it through the media. To be honest, I had to go see what exactly happened in Amsterdam. It can’t be approved.”

“He is – as people said – limping in two minds. Perhaps the sport would be a very good move, but it would be delicate in terms of image and interior.”

“It is not up to us as a company to conduct its operations. I have not spoken to Overmars. I must trust that the club and the Chairman are aware enough to make this assessment.”

Isn’t Vanhencxthoven afraid of a negative image of his company? “It’s happened to us a bit too. It’s a decision made by another company. If the Gheysens family makes this assessment in good conscience…we’re just the guarantor.”

“As a manager, I may have made a different decision, but I don’t have enough knowledge of the past and whether the man in question currently has any idea of ​​guilt about it. If anything else comes up, we’ll reconsider.”

“I haven’t spoken to the club yet. We’ll meet tomorrow, but this conversation was already planned. It’s about our commitment after next season. This will definitely be discussed as well.”

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Would I rather see someone else as the new sporting director? “People in the press were sure to have called me less.”