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How safe is the rocket that will explode Jeff Bezos in space?

How safe is the rocket that will explode Jeff Bezos in space?

The Blue Origin rocket, which will carry Jeff Bezos into space on July 20, already has 15 flights under its belt, but has never carried passengers. Bezos will also not have a pilot on board and may not even be wearing a spacesuit. In total, the flight is about 10,000 times more dangerous than a commercial airline flight. So why is Bezos so self-confident?

Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon and the world’s richest man, will risk his life on July 20 to prove that his space company, Blue Origin, can safely transport people into space. He will do so with the New Shepard rocket, which has an impressive record in terms of flights, but has never flown people. Bezos’ brother Mark will also be on the plane.

Bezos, who founded Blue Origin in 2000, sold a third seat ticket aboard the New Shepard. The as-yet-unknown winner of the auction offered $28 million for the space ride on Saturday. There will also be a fourth person on board the rocket.

“Jeff is someone who loves to take risks. He definitely knows there are risks associated with space travel and understands the risks very well,” said John Logsdon, former NASA member. from the inside.

But how dangerous is the ride really?

  • The entire space flight takes about 11 minutes.
  • Of these, Bezos and his companions will spend only 3 minutes in space.
  • During that time they can unbuckle their seat belts, float in the rocket compartment and watch our universe from the windows.
  • Such a short trip has a clear advantage. There is less chance of a missile error.
  • The car is easy to control because smaller engines are used for such a short trip and a lower speed is maintained.
  • If something goes wrong, the missile has an emergency system that can blow passengers away in the rescue compartment.
  • The most exciting part of the flight is the launch itself, when the engines fire, when the rocket detaches from its capsule, and lands through large parachutes.
  • These parachutes will give returning passengers a smooth landing in the Texas desert, where the Blue Origin crew is waiting for them.
  • Bezos will fly unmanned, because the missile is actually driving itself. As long as passengers know what to do in an emergency, it is not necessarily more dangerous than flying with a human pilot.
  • Passengers may not wear space suits. So if something goes wrong in space, it will be instantly fatal to the occupants.
  • Such accidents occur in only 1% of all US spaceflights.
  • This makes space travel 10,000 times more dangerous than flying with commercial airlines. (pound)
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