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How to sign up for the beta version of Android Auto

How to sign up for the beta version of Android Auto

Android Auto user, but also curious about upcoming features? Then sign up for the Android Auto beta. This way you will be the first to experience the latest functionality of this smart software in the car!

Read on after the announcement.

Android Auto Beta: Safe driving and navigation

Android Auto It is the in-car software for many people to connect, drive, listen to music and navigate safely. Before The Google Introducing new jobs to the general public requires a lot of testing. By becoming a beta tester, you can not only be the first to use all kinds of new features, but you can also provide feedback.

You can easily sign up for the Android Auto beta by following these steps:

  1. Go to on your smartphone or laptop special site;
  2. Select the Google account you want to share with;
  3. Click the blue button to become a participant.

Google is constantly looking for new testers for the program. However, it is possible that there are already enough testers at the moment that you want to participate. If so, you will also receive a notification. Question to try again after a few days. Test program participants may cancel their subscription again, so that some places become available again.

You will receive Android Auto updates and trial versions from the moment you sign up as usual via the Play Store. If you are a beta tester, you will also see a notification of this in the Google Play Store with the Android Auto app. Are you tired of testing or is the software a bit unstable? Then unsubscribe by going to the above link again.

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Android Auto: reviews, tips, and more

In February of this year, we were back in the car to fully test Android Auto again in 2021. You can read our experiences at Android Auto review Or check out the video below.

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