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HP updates EliteBook laptops with 12th generation Intel processors

HP updates EliteBook laptops with 12th generation Intel processors

Along with 12th generation Intel chips, HP is announcing an overhaul of the EliteBook range along with a number of ProBook models.

The higher-end models in the 14-inch Elitebook series, the HP Elite x360 1040 G9 and HP EliteBook 1040 G9, will also feature a 16:10 screen ratio for the first time as well as new CPUs. The Elite x360 features a 360-degree hinge, while the Elitebook 1040 is a traditional clamshell model. Both can be configured with up to 2TB SSD storage and optional 5G connectivity.

HP Elite x360 1040 G9

The HP Elite x360 1040 G9 can give you up to 16GB of RAM, while the HP EliteBook 1040 G9 supports up to 64GB of RAM. Both have a battery life of 13 hours, according to HP.

800 EliteBook G9

The EliteBook 800 series also gets an update with new 12th generation Intel chips and comes in three flavors: HP EliteBook 830 G9 (13.3 inches), HP EliteBook 840 G9 (14 inches), and HP EliteBook 860 G9 (16). – inch). All three models also switch from a 16:9 screen ratio to a larger 16:10 production ratio.

HP EliteBook 830 G9
HP EliteBook 830 G9

The 840 G9 and 860 G9 both allow you to configure up to 64 GB of RAM, while the smaller 830 G9 supports only 16 GB of RAM. According to HP, each device has a battery life of 14 hours and is Intel Evo certified.

There is also the HP Elite x360830 G9 variant of the HP EliteBook 830 G9 with a 360-degree hinge. Other than that, the specs are identical, except that every Elite x360 naturally has a touchscreen. Optionally, you can equip every Elitebook 800 G9 PC with 5G connectivity.

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HP EliteBook 650 G9
HP EliteBook 650 G9

600 EliteBook G9 and 400 ProBook G9

HP also revamps the EliteBook 600 G9 series with the latest Intel chipset and splits it into three models: HP EliteBook 630 G9 (13.3 inches), HP EliteBook 640 G9 (14 inches), and HP EliteBook 650 G9 (15.6 inches). This product line maintains the traditional 16:9 screen ratio and can be configured with up to 64GB of RAM and 1TB SSD storage. Those who want extra graphic power can just configure the optional Nvidia GeForce MX570 with the HP EliteBook 650 G9.

HP ProBook 450 G9
HP ProBook 450 G9

The HP ProBook 400 series is updated with only two models: HP ProBook 440 G9 (14-inch) and HP ProBook 450 G9 (15.6-inch). Both models feature the latest 12th generation Intel chipset and you can configure up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage. Again, you can also pick up the Nvidia GeForce MX570 here for additional graphic power.

Focus on better video calls

Under the HP Presence, all EliteBook 1000 G9 models come with a 5-megapixel webcam as standard. Due to the high recording accuracy, the AI ​​app can conveniently show you as a participant in the center of the photo, even when you are walking around. Moreover, both devices have AI filters to suppress background noise and better transmit your voice.

EliteBook 800 G9 models can optionally configure the 5-megapixel HP Presence Camera. If you buy the HP EliteBook 600 G9 or ProBook 400 G9 series, you will have to deal with a standard webcam.

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New systems equipped with the 12th generation Intel chip are expected to hit US store shelves from March. When these forms are available with us, it is still a matter of time. HP does not offer recommended retail prices at this time.