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Hugh Jackman’s new Reminiscence movie turned out to be a huge failure

Hugh Jackman’s new Reminiscence movie turned out to be a huge failure

memories Under normal circumstances, it would have become a blockbuster movie that dominated the box office for several weeks. It is a completely original concept, written and directed by Westworld-maker Lisa JoyShe is making her directorial debut with this movie.

The film has a leading role for the actor Hugh Jackman As an army veteran. He lives in post-apocalyptic Miami, where he owns a small business. By doing so, he allows people to relive their memories of their choice, until a mysterious woman turns his entire existence upside down and implicates him in a grand conspiracy.

massive flipping
Unfortunately, the film does not appear to be a success. In fact, it debuted with a very disappointing result at the box office.

memories It opened in the United States with a box office of less than $2 million over three days. This made the film the worst three-day appearance for a movie that was shown in 3,000 cinemas in the country.

Not only that, the rest of the world has earned just over $3.5 million, which means memories Its gross box office is only $5.5 million.

Given a budget of $53-68 million, that’s quite disappointing and the film still has a long way to go before the budget is redeemed.

This, of course, is partly due to the coronavirus. The delta variant is more contagious than previous variants of COVID-19 and ensures that the public does not go to the cinema quickly. Regardless, the question is how much people care under normal circumstances, but of course there is no answer to that.

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