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Humphrey Bogart's son slams on 'Jungle Cruise'

Humphrey Bogart’s son slams on ‘Jungle Cruise’

The son of the legendary actor Humbri Bogart Talk negative about the new movie الفيلم jungle trip. Disney compared their theme park attraction to the classic Bogart movieفيلم african queen (And this has inspired us greatly, too), but according to Stephen Bogart, this goes a bit too far.

For example, Stephen says:I don’t know Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but he sounds like a really cool guy. He always works hard and seems to have made another interesting movie with Jungle Cruise. I will definitely see him“.

do not compare
However, I don’t see Jungle Cruise as a continuation of the African Queencontinued. “I don’t think Johnson is trying to be my dad because that’s too hard“.

The African Queen appeared in 1951 and was well received. Not only has Humprey Bogart starred in the movie (and won an Academy Award for it), he’s also iconic Katharine Hepburn It can also be seen in it. Now, 70 years later, the movie is being released again. Stephen Bogart talks about that, too.

I have no intention of offending anyone, but I don’t think the Jungle Cruise will be an African queen size classic. I don’t think this new movie will be re-released in 70 years…

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