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Hunger for climate attacker briefly hospitalized

Hunger for climate attacker briefly hospitalized

Jacob Hines became unwell yesterday and was taken to the hospital. Today he has returned to the camp and continues his hunger strike.

Jacob Heinz, 27, one of the six hunger strikers, fell ill last night and was taken to the Charité Hospital in Berlin. He was not in mortal danger. Heinze hadn’t eaten in two weeks, and lived only on water with extra apple juice and minerals. He spoke at length with this newspaper yesterday (DS September 15).

The movement’s spokeswoman Hannah Laubert said he returned this morning to the camp and will continue his hunger strike.

The hunger strikers are demanding a television interview with the three candidates for the chancellorship. They believe the election campaign pays little attention to the approaching tipping point when climate change is irreversible. They found the proposals of the three main parties, the Union, the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party, insufficient.

Activists stressed their demands. They want to have the conversation on September 19 at 7 PM. Only if the chancellor’s candidates agree do the hunger strikers finish their work.

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