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Hurring and Whyte win DPNZ Tour in New Zealand

Hurring and Whyte win DPNZ Tour in New Zealand

Last weekend the PDC continued their tour of New Zealand: the DPNZ Tour. The winner of the tour will qualify for the PTC World Championship later this year.

In Event 5, the semi-final brought surprises. Four-time World Cup participant Ben Robb lost 2-6 to John Haring and experienced Warren Parry was whitewashed 0-6 by Caiton Milne.

Milne, who had already won a DPNZ tournament earlier this year, then surprisingly lost to Haring 4-7 in the final.

In the second match of the weekend, Ben Robb was already in the last 32 against Dion Toki. Warren Barry lost to Jamie Roberts in the same round.

Roberts reached the semi-finals, but lost 0–6 to Caitlin Milne. In the other semi-final, Jordan White defeated Jaime Hylton-Jones 6-4. In the final again Gayden Milne had to settle for runner-up, Jordan White winning 7-5.

Milne now tops the rankings and is therefore in a virtual World Cup spot, although Ben Robb is still behind him.

DPNZ Pro Tour 5


John Haring 7-4 Gayden Milne


John Haring 6-2 Ben Robb

Caiton Milne 6-0 Warren Parry

quarter final

Ben Robb 5-0 Nicole Regnot

John Hurring 5-0 Mark Cleaver

Gayton Milne 5-2 Stu Irvine

Warren Barry 5-4 Darren Hrevini

DPNZ Pro Tour 6


Jordan White 7-5 Cayden Milne


Jordan White 6-4 Jaime Hilton-Jones

Caiton Milne 6-0 Jamie Roberts

quarter final

Jaime Hilton-Jones 5-0 Max Tallymore

Jordan White 5-0 Nevin Filimoetu

Kayden Milne 5-2 Hipirini Tewhakaara

Jamie Roberts 5-2 Darren Hrevini

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