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IBM publishes a 127-kilobit Eagle quantum processor in December – IT Pro – News

IBM has unveiled a quantum processor with 127 qubits. The Eagle processor will be used by the company starting in December. The Eagle will be a springboard to the Osprey, which should be ready in 2022 and contain 433 qubits.

According to IBM, Eagle is the first quantum processor that cannot be simulated by a classic supercomputer. The company reports this before IBM Quantum Summit 2021Where among other things Engadget write about it. However, the processor cannot solve problems that classic supercomputers cannot account for, although it is taking a step toward that feat, IBM said. In other words, the quantum processor doesn’t offer yet Quantum supremacy. google browser Claimed this in 2019 It was achieved with a 53-kilobyte Sycamore processor, but this was associated with a specific unhelpful account, and IBM criticized this claim.

The company says it has placed the Eagle’s qubit control components on multiple physical chip levels, while the qubits themselves are all on a single layer. This would better prevent external disturbances, IBM claims.

Eagle qubits are housed in a hexagonal structure, much like the 27-qubit Falcon and the 65-qubit Hummingbird, IBM reports in a blog post. Where ZDNet is quoted from. Placing the qubits this way causes them to only associate with two or three neighbors, reducing the chance of errors due to interactions with neighboring qubits.

Layered schematic diagram of Quantum Eagle processor

Eagle’s computing power will be available in December to a select group of members of the IBM Quantum Network, which includes many organizations that use IBM’s proprietary quantum technology. It will be made available as an “exploratory system,” IBM’s Jerry Chow told Engadget. This means the eagle in early access IBM does not guarantee uptime or “a certain level of repeatable performance measured in quantitative terms.”

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Earlier, IBM We’ve already seen a roadmap showing that in addition to Eagle, it’s working on other quantum processors. Osprey will appear in 2022, which should contain 433 qubits. Osprey’s successor, Condor, should appear the following year and reach 1,121 qubits. For such processors with more than 1,000 qubits, IBM is working on a System II quantum computer. It is modular, unlike System One. It can also accommodate and cool more processors in a single system than today’s quantum computer. IBM said the second system will be operational in 2023.

More and more companies are investing in quantum computing research. In addition to IBM, companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Honeywell are also developing quantum processors. Tweakers wrote earlier this year Background article on searching for the best qubits and in 2018 about The battle between companies To build the first usable quantum computer.