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iCloud Private Relay comes as a public beta first

iCloud Private Relay comes as a public beta first

Update August 29, 2021: This may be the reason why iCloud Private Relay hasn’t been officially released yet iOS 15 sound. Reddit user WhatTheHomePod Discover The current version of iCloud Private Relay shows your original IP address. This is not exactly the intention. He has already reported the problem to Apple.

This is not disastrous, as the feature will not be rolled out yet. Beta testers know that such features still contain bugs. A workaround to prevent it is to enable WebRTC Sockets Proxying in the experimental WebKit features. in a Safari The IP address will simply be displayed. So pay attention if you already have iCloud private relay want to use.

Below you can read our original news article from August 26.

iCloud Private Relay (in Dutch “Privédoorgifte”) is a type of VPN, but with slightly different characteristics. An apple you want it in it iOS 15 employment iPad 15 To provide. from the latest iOS 15 beta However, it appears that it is not yet ready for public release and that it still contains some bugs. Instead, it will iCloud Private Relay It will be released as a public beta. This test will be used to collect additional feedback and improve compatibility with websites. Only then will it be officially available. So you do not need the audience Trial version of iOS 15 For installation, but you can use it right away. However, Apple does not promise that it will work perfectly.

Some websites may still have issues, such as displaying content for the wrong region, or requiring additional steps to sign in somewhere. iCloud A private relay ensures that your exact location and IP address are not found, but does take the region into account.

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An apple Writes in the release notes From beta:

Private migration is currently in beta. Some websites may have problems, such as displaying content for the wrong region or requiring additional steps to sign in.

he met iCloud Private Relay become SafariThe traffic is more secure because it is encrypted through two separate Internet phases. The companies cannot then associate personal information such as your IP address, location, and browser activity with you, and thus also do not create a profile. iCloud private relay which is part of iCloud +iCloud paid storage is where you will get some additional functionality from 2021.

Apple has made more minor changes in the latest beta, including VPNs. For example, VPN apps will now connect even if they use a private API that no longer exists in iOS 15. In Apple Cards You can now properly enlarge the Bay Bridge and you can siri Now used in all Focus mode, not only in Do not interrupt.

An apple The beta is under completion and as a result, previously announced features may not be included in the first release immediately. We have an overview of iOS 15 Delayed Features which will be available later.


  • 2021 – Aug 29 3:07 PM: The beta seems to be leaking your actual IP address. So we have completed the article.