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If 'Tiger King 2' proves one thing, it's that Joe Exotic wasn't the angrier yet

If ‘Tiger King 2’ proves one thing, it’s that Joe Exotic wasn’t the angrier yet

Ronald Mewes sets his sights on infinity. Today: Season Two of Tiger King.

Fortunately, there is that healing ending, because otherwise after watching the second season of the docuseries on Netflix, tiger king Do not get out of bed for a few days.

The five new episodes bring together many of the same violent psychopaths who appeared on your screen in the first volume as well. After watching the original series, you’ve also come to the end of a mental process: Once you’ve tackled your entire curiosity bombardment closet, it’s a lot less fun.

When your left hemisphere finally started working after this sensory overload, you realized their criminal actions were mostly at the expense of a few specimens of species we might not soon see roam the planet again. Or from the poor who paid with their lives for their participation in this delinquent circus.

Perhaps that is mainly why the five episodes of this new series are a rather miserable show from the first minute. On top of last season’s awakening, there’s also nihilism influencing the narrative this time around. It’s never really clear, during those five miserable hours, where their makers want to go, and this mainly has to do with the winding path their passive bodies travel down. The new Tiger Kings, after Joe ‘Exotic’ Schripfogel, now imprisoned for his supporting role, remained just a bunch of bad guys, with no real plan for their practices.

For example, it is not entirely clear what the real master plan of Jeff Lowe, who will continue the empire of the first tiger king as the treacherous Ptolemy. You can see him working hard on tiger cages at times when the camera rolls, but at the same time he’s proudly building a new outbuilding in which he plans striptease work with tiger cubs and weakens the animals after moving in very small cages.

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And in fact, this 53-year-old is still the most natural of the bunch. Poor psychiatrist who should examine Carol Baskin, the “animal rights activist” who apparently did not allow her first husband to be eaten by felines who also kept her in deplorable conditions. Which for two decades didn’t stop her from hinting gently enough.

Or Jack ‘Reaper’ Smith, an amateur detective so ingrained in the said husband’s children that they fired their attorney on his behalf. And to find out what’s wrong with Tim Stark, the crazy new psychotic guy who’s caught the media’s attention tiger king (First he scolds a handful of camera crews, but then stays close to the lens) A whole team of psychologists might be needed.

as tiger king 2 One thing that proves is that Joe Exotic hasn’t been the angrier yet. You must do it.

The second season of tiger kingon Netflix.