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Immortals of Aveum is getting a free update with New Game+ mode and new content

Immortals of Aveum is getting a free update with New Game+ mode and new content

Immortals of Aveum was released in the summer of this year and with this entire single-player adventure it seemed like it was finished after release, but nothing could be further from the truth. Developer Ascendant Studios has announced a major update and new content for the game.

This relates to the ‘The Echocollector’ update that will be released on November 16 and one of the most important new additions is the New Game+ mode. In this mode, you can start a new game round while retaining your abilities and spells. You will also be able to upgrade your equipment and battles have been updated.

In addition, the update adds new lore and new gameplay content, especially for players who have reached the final chapters of the game. New Shatterfanes will appear with portals that will take you to unexplored areas, thus providing new gameplay and lore.

Furthermore, the game will be equipped with Grand Magnus difficulty, which is one level higher than the current highest difficulty level. You can take on this challenge directly in New Game+ mode if you have already completed the game.

Finally, we have the most important general changes/improvements below and EA announces that the free trial will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series You can play up to Chapter 3 in this demo, and if you decide to purchase the game, you’ll take your progress with you.

  • Upgrade your Legendary and Legendary gear to higher levels with Forge in NG+
  • Rebalance enemy health, damage and abilities
  • Jak performs most spells and abilities unlocked in a previous playthrough (augmented spells cannot be performed due to their unlock requirements)
  • Adjustments made to experience and currency earned during gameplay